I don’t know how it’s November 21st already. I feel like Halloween JUST happened. I don’t understand how some weeks go by so quickly while other times (more rarely) it goes by at a snails pace.

I’ve said it so many times, but one thing that has definitely flown by is every single week of this pregnancy. I know I still have about eight or nine weeks left, and from what I hear, they’re the most uncomfortable, but I feel like being pregnant isn’t nearly as bad as I’ve always been told (I get a sense that statement is going to come back to bite me). Granted, everyone experiences it differently, and I guess I’m one of the lucky ones that doesn’t get EVERY single pregnancy symptom possible…yet.

I guess the biggest complaints I’ve had so far have been the first three months of constant nausea, the annoying constipation, and the now multiple and ever-amounting stretch marks. But really, when you get this big this fast, is it any wonder?

For comparison, here’s just six weeks ago

Obviously, it’s getting difficult to wear all of my non-maternity clothing, and luckily, my sweet and thoughtful Gram was in the mood to take me shopping on Wednesday! We hit the jackpot at Target and found a pair of jeans, a pair of slacks, and TWO of these maternity shirts – one in black and one in a rich purple – that were on sale for only $4.24 (even though they’re still listed online at $16.99)!

On Thursday, my mother and I went to the grand opening of a newly rebuilt Publix near her house. What with her chemical sensitivities, we thought we’d walk in the door and have to walk right back out from new construction smells and fragrances, but we soon discovered it is the very first “Green Publix”! Terrazzo floors, LED lighting, automatic sinks, and I’m sure much more, plus what must be an excellent air system since neither of us was bothered by perfumes despite the packed aisles.

The emptiest aisle I could find. It’s hard to see just how perfectly everything was arranged on the shelves

As someone that spent two years working in a grocery store, I was impressed and in awe of the perfectly stacked bags of grains and beans and the thousands of bottles pulled to the very edge of the shelf and neatly facing the customer (trust me, that would all take ages).

I decided to ride around with Matthew while he worked on Friday. When he doesn’t have too many lawns to do, I love to tag along with a book or movie on my computer and cruise around town spending time with him. One of the houses we visited has been abandoned for quite some time. The owner still pays for lawn service, but nothing else seems to ever be taken care of.

I found the porch completely adorable

With a peek through the window, it was easy to see that even in it’s filthy state, this place has obvious potential. I wish we could clean it up and make it beautiful

And around back I discovered something VERY rare for Florida – a basement!

Alright, I’ve been up since 5am with little gymnast baby and I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the rest of my coffee. Happy Sunday!