1. We’ve successfully switched from a birth center an hour away to one just three minutes from our house! Besides proximity, there was a growing list of reasons we wanted to find someplace else (I actually have it written up and have debated about posting it here), and so far I’m very very happy with our new center. We can now also have the home birth we had wanted – something I’d planned for awhile and found wasn’t really possible with our old birth center, and the idea of riding an hour in the car during labor did not sound appealing.

2. I discovered on my fist appointment at the new birth center that I failed the one hour glucose test I took a few weeks ago. Luckily I hadn’t eaten yet so I went ahead and had the three hour test right then. I was basically there from 9am-2:30pm and was able to meet everyone and actually had a pretty nice time. They even have wifi, so between video chatting with my mom, checking facebook, and playing sudoku, the time passed relatively quickly 🙂

3. Two weeks ago (already!) my sister Jessica was visiting from Tampa and asked if we could go out together to Bluebird Bake Shop for cupcakes and coffee. Much to my delight, I arrived there to find out it was a surprise “Mommy Shower” with three other friends! I was so excited and touched that Jess thought to put this together for me and we had a great few hours laughing loudly and catching up on each others lives.

I took just a few quick (and blurry) photos during the fun. I wish I had taken just a little more time for better shots, but my sister has some more on her blog here.

The fantastic Pumpkin Cupcake (SO moist and the has perfect cream cheese icing!)

The ladies! (Jessica, Katie, Allison, and Heather)