I finally put some new batteries in my little point and shoot camera that I carry around everywhere in my purse. It died awhile back and lay forgotten in a corner until this past Saturday when I remembered to resurrect it once again, so I actually have a few old and new photos to post.

One Saturday in September we were on our way to the Panera Bread at Lake Eola and came across this scene. Not sure what there were filming but it looks like a very golden lit Jesus lying on the sidewalk

I also found some photos from our first time going in the new house back at the beginning of October! (we had JUST gotten our house keys)

This weekend Matthew and I made a last minute decision to eat lunch at Olive Garden. While putting on some makeup he told me I had to leave the room for a few minutes while he dressed. Knowing it definitely wasn’t for modesty reasons, I was curious. He came out a few minutes later all fancified in his black suit from our wedding day. I love that he likes to dress up sometimes, though sadly, neither of us could remember how to tie a tie.

And yesterday we decided to visit Target and look through some baby things for fun. I’m annoyed by all the childrens outfits with sayings like “I’m cuter than the dog”. I’m just not into cutesy phrases (except things like the onesie my sister bought that says “My aunt rocks!” :). We did find one little newborn outfit we both loved though, covered with polka dots, and a monkey saying “peek-a-boo!”

While there we also looked through the mens section (which I couldn’t even remember the words for at the time and asked Matthew if he wanted to glance at “the man clothes”). I was looking through some nice dress shirts and turned around to find Matthew fastening on this little number.

I asked him why he didn’t look very happy in the photo and he very seriously stated, “This isn’t the type of hat you smile in”. This guy keeps me laughing.

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I took the last belly photo. I had the best intentions with taking week-by-week progress shots of my growing belly but it kept slipping my mind. Well, today I’ve been visiting with my mom, using her internet, and hanging with my cousins that were over. While on a short walk she took a photo of me and the boys…so there’s the belly as of now at almost 31 weeks πŸ™‚