I’m sorry for being so boring. I’ve fallen so behind in posting, and I also tend to make generic and non-detailed posts about life that just sound so uninteresting when I read them back later.

What’s funny is I stopped giving life specifics because I felt like THAT would bore people, but I think lack of real content is the real downer.

Life has been changing rapidly lately and I’ve just been wrapped up in enjoying the ride. Everyday is something new in this pregnancy. New kicks, new movements, new cravings. As of today, I am 27 weeks and now in the 3rd trimester already. I can not believe it. The months have sped by in such a flash, I feel like before I know it the baby will already be five years old.

We’re still trying to get Medicaid fixed so I can get a sonogram and find out the gender, but I’m also looking into a non-profit pregnancy center nearby that may actually give one fore free. I’ll update on that once I learn more.

One of the best things happening right now is still just settling into our new house. Every day Matthew and I just look at each other and go “Can you believe it?? We’re in a HOUSE”. It’s not that our apartment was that terrible, in fact compared to most apartments, it was quite charming, but there were also a lot of downsides to it. An old four-apartment building with paper thin walls, slamming front porch door, dirty everything, tiny porch balcony infested with roaches, yard with no privacy, shared laundry machines in a spider covered shack behind the garage, loud and drunken neighbors…I could go on and on (including stating that, according to both common sense and public records at Orange County Property Appraiser, the apartment is only about 800 sq ft, while the landlords continually advertise is as 900+. What I find really amusing/sad is I’ve seen the three craigslist ads they’ve posted and in each one they’ve increased the sq ft from 900, to 925, to now 950!)

But now we have space, THREE bedrooms, two large porches, a working A/C, windows that actually open, plaster walls that keep out sound and keep in the cool air, the much talked about indoor laundry hook-ups (still scouring craigslist for a cheap pair of machines though), and a fenced in yard – and even though it needs lots of work after years of being ignored, it still has loads of bamboo, bird of paradise, citrus tree, sea grape treas, oaks, maples, and TWO sheds (that are really creepy and rundown but hey, their sheds!).

A few days ago I snapped some photos while Matthew watered the back yard (there’s more than just dirt despite how it looks).

So much bamboo. I love it.

The orange tree.

Bird of paradise

One of my very favorite things, that may sound silly to others but feels so luxurious to me, is that we finally have room for a kitchen table. The table is an heirloom from my Great Grandma Burr, we have no table cloth yet, and the chairs are curbside finds Matthew picked up awhile back, but it makes me so happy to have a place to sit, eat, do paperwork, etc. My biggest joy this morning was testing it out for my first breakfast with a cup of hot coffee, a bowl of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal, and a short devotional. It was unbelievably refreshing.

I started this post at 11am and it’s not almost 6pm. It’s been a fun day of running errands with my mom and painting some foam core to use as backdrops in a photo shoot of items for her Etsy shop. Hopefully I’ll get a new belly shot taken tomorrow. I’ve already missed one for week 26!