Color me jealous.

My mother recently got the lens I’ve wanted for years – the 50mm 1.4. Yes, I have the 50mm 1.8 (and quite thankful for it!), but there is a huge difference in quality. Mine is the poor mans version – plastic, lightweight, and poor focusing. Hers is solid, heavy, and with superb clarity and focusing.

She’s been generous enough to let me play around with her new camera toy and I’m more in love with the lens than ever. My little nephew, Clay (laying on my dad’s lap and getting tickled), made a perfect test model on my impromptu trip to Tampa last week.

I don’t think this photo even properly demonstrates the awesomeness of the lens, but I had to share it…I mean, look at that smile!

It got me thinking about the equipment I would love to get, so I thought I’d make a visual wish list here of just a few of the pieces I’d love to have. One day, after all our debts are paid, maybe we can start purchasing things from the list piece by piece….maybe. 🙂

(all prices are from

Ahhh, so many fun toys….