Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant
216 S Park Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 629-7270

Sunday was gorgeous, and also the first day we had to just stay at home, relax, and do nothing concerning moving, packing, or working in any way (yes, this means we skipped church to sleep in – gasp!)

After a lazy morning in bed (watching The Office, of course) we decided to walk to Park Avenue – because we CAN now – and find someplace yummy to grab a late lunch. The Winter Park Autumn Art Festival was happening this weekend so things were pretty busy, but we only had to wait 15 minutes for a table indoors at Pannulo’s Italian restaurant. (And, despite the crowds, every server we encountered was pleasant, helpful, and ready with a smile)

During our wait we walked across the street to check out the art booths and found the rumors to be true – the art was sad and underwhelming. Everything looked completely generic and like you’d find it on the walls of your local Holiday Inn. It’s so frustrating when I see festivals full of mediocre work when I know of so many good artists that could use the exposure. I’d love to curate a show and hand-pick my favorite talent….but back to the food!

Matthew chose to start off his meal with the Greek Salad. I can’t stand olives, pickled peppers, or big tomatoes, but he was very happy with it and I thought the greens, feta cheese and red onion were fresh and tasty

I decided to try the soup of the day which was Tuscan Bean and Sausage. I absolutely LOVED it. It was creamy without being to thick or heavy and it was perfectly seasoned. I could have eaten another cup in a heartbeat.

I’m a big fan of the complimentary bread with garlic dipping oil (which I doctored up with plenty of pepper and parmesan cheese). We ate two baskets of this…which would explain why once our meals arrived we could only eat a few bites and took the rest home for later

If it hadn’t been so warm out still, the outdoor patio would have made a great place to people watch while eating. Thankfully, we had a table inside where I admired the large lantern fixtures and the ornate tin roof, which added to the dim and relaxed ambiance of the dining area.

The Stuffed Shells were Matthew’s main coarse. It’s the one thing I didn’t try, but he said it was good – nothing extraordinary, but then shells and sauce rarely are.

I ordered the two slice pizza special. For my three toppings I chose grilled chicken, onions, and spinach. Definitely the best pizza I’ve had in a very long time, and I don’t know what it was, but the sauce on it tasted especially good.

And here are two happy campers with two happy bellies (especially since, with the lunch prices, our total for everything came to just under $19 before tip). I think it’s safe to say we’ll be walking here on a regular basis now 🙂

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