I missed last Thursdays belly photo, so here I am as of today:

Also, we have yet to fix our Medicaid problem.

Medicaid has been a huge disappointment. We applied for it through my birth center, I was approved in early August, and received a gold card for the baby (but not one for myself, though I’ve heard differing things and wasn’t sure if I needed one – I do). The birth center never mentioned any problem with coverage and I had no idea there was any problem until the day before we were supposed to have our sonogram (last Monday – Sept. 13th).

The Medical Center we were going to for the ultrasound called and told me that while I showed up in their system as having medicaid, and all of my info is there, I wasn’t shown as being actively covered. I logged into my online account where it showed my status as “Open” but allows me to print a temporary Medicaid card that lists me as covered. I was told that even if I brought the temporary card they could not see me because I wasn’t shown as covered in their system (this info was learned through about 4 or 5 calls back and forth between the medical office).

So, I called the call center for the Florida Department of Children and Families. I called over and over and over and over and over again, never getting through. An automated message told me every time that all the lines were full and then hung up on me. That was my entire Monday.

Tuesday I tried getting in touch with the Call Center again starting right when they open at 8:30am. On my third try I thought a miracle had occurred when I was actually put on hold instead of automatically being disconnected, but after 10 minutes, right in the middle of the an automated message telling me how important my call was to them and that someone would be on the line to help me “very soon”, they disconnected my call.

At my family’s suggestion, and because I was so frustrated with not being able to talk to a human being, I decided to try calling my birth center to see if their system showed anything. After talking with them for a few minutes then waiting a bit for them to call me back, I was told that my account shows that someone at Medicaid has assigned my social security number to my unborn child and everything is listed as inactive, thus showing that I am not covered.

That is as far as I’ve been able to get. I still cannot get through to anyone at the call center. I called an additional number given on the website but it was also automated, did not give an option to talk to a person, and was completely pointless. I also called the Downtown Orlando Medicaid office, was told the number was incorrect and given a different number for “Area 7”.

Wonder of wonders, I actually talked to an actually person there! Just an operator, but after telling her I could not get through to anyone even to leave a message she patched me through to an answering service and I left a message. I do not have high hopes for actually getting a call back, but at least I’ve done everything I can. The next step is possibly trying to visit the downtown office and attempt to talk to a real person there.

And that’s where we stand right now. I’ve been in tears numerous times over this already because it is just so aggravating. I hate phones and detest calling offices, but despite that I’ve been trying so hard to fix this problem, and no matter how much I try to get this resolved, they’re not letting me!

Everything will be worked out eventually though, and I’m so glad I have our big move next week to focus on instead of just this medicaid problem. Overall I’ve been very excited and can’t stop thinking about our new house. Almost time to start decorating a nursery 🙂