We have some awesome news, but unfortunately, it’s not baby-gender related. The big sonogram has been canceled and put on the back burner until we get a Medicaid mistake fixed. Apparently they screwed up big time, and I’d love to have them fix the problem, but they don’t like to answer their phones. Ever. I’ve called 40-50 times today (not exaggerating) and every time an automated message says that all lines are busy. And they don’t put you on hold to wait, they just hang up, so you get to call and go through all the menus again. Fun times!

But anyway, the GREAT news is…we are moving! Into a HOUSE!

We found a cute house in Winter Park (just a few blocks from Park Ave!) with three bedrooms, over 1000 sq ft, all tile (good for allergies), fenced in back yard, and indoor washer/dryer hookups, for slightly less rent than we pay now!

I’ve started becoming a little more cautious with how much I share online, so I’ll be selective about outdoor house photos, but here is one of the big pluses outside; the patio and wet bar:

Oh yeah, and the big sun deck on the other side of the house. Time to get a hammock! πŸ™‚

We’re EXTREMELY excited about this move. I have a feeling the next two weeks are going to be a blur of packing and cleaning so I might not surface to my blog too often.

I don’t know why, but something about moving into a house, calling doctors and well, maybe actually growing a baby, have made me feel very grown up today. That may sound funny from a 25 year old woman, but most of the time I still think of myself as a 16 year old kid. I don’t know when this whole “adult” thing happened, but I guess it did.

We have our initial deposit paid to secure the house, but we still need to get together enough money for a bunch of other stuff, so once again, I’m pimping my Etsy shop.

Go spend some money! πŸ™‚