First, I’ve just listed a whole bunch of prints in my shop. If you’ve been pondering a purchase recently, now would be a GREAT time to go ahead and buy. We have some really big funds we need to come up with soon and every little purchase helps!

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Second, a recap of our labor day.

We slept in late then headed over to IHOP for breakfast/lunch. We’ve lived around the corner from one for two years and figured it was time to try it out. Matthew (aka Mr. Lover of Fried Cheese) wrote down potential baby names.

I posed while we waited for our meals..

After our strenuous hour and a half of sitting and eating, it was nap time again.

I also cleaned all the nasty dirty dishes that had piled up.

Oh, and we watched the TBS marathon of The Office. ALL DAY. 🙂

Third…some belly photos 🙂