The sudden and intense desire to go to Ikea struck me yesterday, so of course Matthew took me for a little date night.

One of the best things there: a cafe full of cheap food! (and cool light fixtures)

(buy one salad and get one free!)

I love their take-home containers for leftovers. I have a thing for little brown paper boxes.

After eating we took a quick tour through the top level and I happened to fall in love with this kitchen

I also really really want to get a couple of these bookcases soon. I had been looking at the Billy Bookcases for a long time, but I actually like that these aren’t as tall and they have a cute little drawer on the bottom

But, since that’s not in the budget right now, we stuck to just a few kitchen items (my favorite section in the entire store).

And of course I bought one of the hazelnut chocolate bars they stick right at the check out counter to tempt suckers like me. Yum 🙂