Time is flying by still. Tomorrow I’ll be 18 weeks along in this pregnancy – nearly halfway! My belly is growing a bit but I still haven’t “popped”, and while I have felt the baby kick a little, the movements still aren’t regular.

Speaking of regular, until I was pregnant I never realized how happy it would make me just to be able to poo. No wonder it is always a constant topic with older folks, because once it doesn’t happen, things feel BAD. I’m happy to report that constipation is becoming less of a problem as the weeks go by and I am a much happier camper. I’m also back to feeling like my normal self with energy levels and eating. So much so that I sometimes forget I’m pregnant until I try to bend over or lay down on my stomach and I feel like a small bowling ball is lodged in my mid-section.

And because I’ve let this little blog lie half-dead for so long, I thought I’d post a few pictures of things going on lately.

We finally have a sitting table for eating. We’d been without any chairs until Matthew found these two in someones trash one day. Love curbside finds!

Last week I happened to be the one to find a garbage treasure. This coffee table was sitting on the side of the road in the rain with a “Free” sign taped to it. Score!

This painting I bought several years ago has been framed at last. I figure it wouldn’t make sense to hammer holes into the wall right before we leave so I’m waiting until we move to hang it up.

I’ve been missing when my studio space looked like this and there was room to work.

It’s quite the mess right now so I still have not finished this painting and it is paused in its early stages.

I found this incredible princess backpack that mom decided to model. Yes, those are puff sleeves and a ruffle skirt built into the straps.

I also discovered this “frog in the throws of spontaneous dance” statue at a decorating store yesterday. It was so horrible it was awesome. Sometimes this is exactly how I feel.

I made a big pot of Channa Masala last week and it was fantastic. I’m ready for another batch. Official recipe post should be up soon.

And that’s the recap for today 🙂