The Birth Place (TBP) called me this afternoon to tell me my blood work was fine (YAY!) but my urine showed I had a urinary tract infection. Really odd because I’ve had absolutely NO symptoms.

They wanted me to start taking an antibiotic called Macrodantin to clear it up. I hung up the phone and freaked out.

I don’t take drugs. I hate even taking Tylenol. I treat everything I can with simple homeopathic remedies and herbs. I started reading about Macrodantin and it’s side effects and freaked out even more. Severe headaches, abdominal pain, persistent cough, wheezing, and quite a few cases of anaphylaxis that nearly resulted in death.

I have always been extremely sensitive to medications I’ve tried in the past, and three years ago I cleared up a UTI with just cranberry juice and parsley tea, so I called TBP back, told them I was really uncomfortable with taking the prescription and asked if I could just treat it naturally.

I guess I’m used to typical doctors pushing drugs and I was afraid it would be “You HAVE to take this drug or ELSE”, but they were totally fine and immediately agreeable with that and said they would just check to see if it was cleared up at my next appointment.

SIGH. Huge relief.

I’ve been reading that if a UTI spreads to the kidneys it can actually cause premature labor so I definitely need to start taking my cranberry supplements/juice immediately, but I’m so so thankful TBP is sp open to natural treatments. I mean, a huge reason I chose them is because it’s an all natural birth with no meds.

It still amazes me that so many people scoff at natural organic elements – that CURE – and think it’s totally normal to ingest a man made chemical that usually causes even more problems than it treats/masks.

Don’t get me wrong, I think meds have their place for emergency situations, but not this long term prescription living that most of society accepts.

Enough ranting.

I dreamt last night about french fries and hot dogs and I’ve been craving Hot Dog Heaven ALL DAY. Ugh. Why can’t I only crave salads and beans?