Stuff going on:

The big news: Pretty sure I felt the first flutters last night!! Really exciting and I can’t wait until they get stronger.

Baby K is nearly the size of an apple:

I took my first belly photo today:

I’m currently obsessed with orange juice. I also finally made it back into the kitchen and baked some Biscotti (with almond and vanilla extract instead of anise), followed by this crumb cake a few days later. (Note: This photo is not an accurate example of my current diet – I AM eating protein and vegetables)

I’ve been reading a bunch of baby books, including a really old copy of A Child Is Born – which I have to say has some really scarring and graphic birth photos in the back – as well as this excellent book:

It talks about midwives, birth coaches, and exercises to help you have an easier labor. An important one for ALL ladies, pregnant or not: Kegel exercises!

Whew, check out the scariness of that weak vaginal barrel! Having a weak PC muscle can allow you to pee when you sneeze, makes for less sensation during sex, can cause uterine prolapse, and creates a more difficult labor. And it doesn’t matter what shape you are in physically, anyone women can have a weak or strong PC muscle. So do your Kegel exercises, ladies!

I also discovered this book recently and would love to purchase just bought one of the used copies on Amazon (I justified the purchase because of selling two sets of mini posters on Etsy):

Monday we went to our very first baby appointment at The Birth Place in Winter Garden. I already love it there. Incredibly friendly and funny staff, and a nice relaxed and caring atmosphere. So different from my (negative) experiences at doctors offices and hospitals. I’m really really excited about choosing this group of people to help us with our first pregnancy and birth.

They did the usual medical history, blood pressure check, and weighing. I was happy to find out that even with my 40 lb weight gain over the past 3 years, my blood pressure was only 110/80 (last time I took it was months ago and I had just had a cup of coffee, so it was abnormally high and freaked me out) and I still haven’t gained any weight yet in this pregnancy.

Next up was having them take some blood samples. I warned her I have small veins that roll and, as it always happens, she couldn’t find any veins in my arms and had to do a butterfly on my hand. I am both grossed out and fascinated by watching a needle slide into my skin and see the blood pouring out.

When I got into the room for my breast exam and (very first!) pap smear, I found out I was to wear only a giant open paper vest and a large paper towel “cover” for my lap. I had my back to the exam room door that opened to the hallway where all of the patients walk by, so in an attempt at modesty I sort of half-wrapped myself to cover my bum and my front, but leaving my entire left side exposed. This also resulted in twisting the large paper napkin thing so that when I leaned back for the exam, it moved even more and left only a little cover in the front and I was basically flashing the midwife, two nurses, and Matthew. Hello, world! The midwife knew exactly what I had been attempting though and completely understood my bum-covering attempt.

The pap smear itself didn’t last very long, but wow. Talk about uncomfortable pressure going on up in there. But hey, at least I was told I was “roomy” and could have a fairly big baby no problem – actually very comforting to know since my mother had to have two c-sections because her pelvis was so small. Right before we left we were able to hear the heartbeat again. It doesn’t get old, I always love it. The midwife mentioned it was very strong (and it really was) and not a soft “whoosh-woosh” sound. Guess that’s a good sign 🙂

It will be another six weeks until we’re able to find out the gender, but If you want to give it a guess, tell me here!

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