The number of pictures wasn’t intentional, but it helped me come up with the much dreaded naming of the post title (usually my least favorite part of writing any blog post because I feel pressured to come up with something witty and amusing)

So it’s pretty obvious that I took another blogging break. Sometimes the internet is just too much for me. I’m slowly creeping back into posting again so here are some shots from a beach trip several weeks ago with my mom, Matthew, and my little cousin Gator (Gregory). It was a blast:)

(Also, photos from one of my favorite visits to Cocoa Beach with Matthew last year)

One of our favorite beach spots at New Smyrna

Gator and Mom looking for the perfect spot. There were other people there but it was surprisingly empty in this shot.

There’s my Matthew! And Mom’s awesome beach chairs with built in cup holders. We spent most of our time sitting here in the shade with magazines. I still burned to a crisp.

I just love beach photos.

There’s my sweetie again 🙂 He took off his glasses so they wouldn’t be lost in the waves and basically wandered around blind while diving into the water. It was adorable.

Hello, Popeye!

Gator wanted to dig a very big hole. He realized this would be difficult by himself so he turned to Matthew and said “I need help with this. I’m going to go find a kid and get him to work for me”. And he did.

Success! Not very deep after all, but he enjoyed it.

And when you’re all sandy and hot and leaving the beach in New Smyrna, you HAVE to visit frozen cold for an ice cream cone. Best soft serve around.