I met Heather and Katie (who are sisters) when I was only two years old and we spent 20 years growing up together in our small church. Kids, schedules, and location make it difficult to get together very often, but yesterday we were all able to visit together for a few hours at my parents house.

We reminisced about the many sleepovers we used to have, the glory days of our church’s youth group, and Heather even remembered the very first time our families met. There’s seldom a childhood memory I have that isn’t somehow connected to these two.

I even remember when we were really young and we’d get together for play dates. We’d be having a blast with toys and games then look over at our parents just sitting around chatting with their coffee’s and say “We will never be like THAT”. And now that we’re older, that’s exactly what we do when we’re together.

It’s so weird that we’re all married now and the two of them have babies already. How and when did WE become adults??

Katie, her niece Olivia, and her son Evan

Heather’s oldest daughter, Isabella, giving me a mischievous smile as she jumped up and down on the bed

Heather’s youngest, Olivia


Sweet giggles from Olivia

Katie, the tickle machine!

It’s a shame that we’re not able to see each other more often, but I love that no matter how much time passes between visits, we can always pick back up like we just saw each yesterday. It’s good to have life long friends 🙂

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