I’ve gotten into the horrible habit of staying up until 3am working (or frittering away at something like Bejeweled) and then sleeping in until 11. I hate it (the sleeping in part – I love being up late AND up early…but they don’t go hand-in-hand). Just a few weeks ago I had finally put myself on a good schedule that had me up at 7:30, doing dishes, and being productive. Before noon.

So, I need to get back to that.

Yesterday I made myself get up at 8. I need to DO something in order to stay awake at first but at 8:07 there was a huge explosion outside and all the power went out. So I couldn’t take a hot shower, make tea, cook breakfast, watch tv, or use the internet. I decided to read cookbooks. I fell asleep on top of a pile of books and woke up at 11. Again. At least the power was back on by then. (Side note – I dreamt that night about meeting the world’s tiniest pony. I was really REALLY excited about it, only as soon as it got near me to pet, it turned into something else. I can only describe it as a miniature plastic toy with a tiny tiny CGI person on top of it. And then a vampire bat flew at my head and I ran away)

This morning I put on the tv and it was some show about 15 shocking celebrity deaths. What a way to start the day. I was practically balling as I brushed my hair and Steve Irwin’s wife talked about how lucky she was to have him for the years they were together.

I decided to tag along with Matthew while he did some lawn work at one of the accounts the business has. It involved raking a boatload of leaves. At first I stayed in the truck on my laptop and just worked on some new things for the website but then I thought I would help out by raking while he bagged….as I wore sandals, a white skirt that kept blowing up in the wind, and a way-too-tight-bra-for-yard-work.

It allowed us to finish the work up in 30 minutes as opposed to an hour or more, but I also got blisters, over heated, and really grossed out by all the roaches crawling in the leaves.

We got home, I ate, and then fell asleep for an hour. I’m really not used to manual labor in the sun. I’m a wimp.

When I woke up I decided to make some tea in a mug I’ve had for a few years but never used. It was a gift from some friends and I had set it out so use a few days ago. It’s a special design that comes with the mug, strainer and lid. Handy!

I turned on the burner to heat up my water then picked up my mug to show Matthew how cool it is. Then the lid fell off and shattered into pieces. Then I burst into enormous sobs. I don’t know why but it was the kind where your snot starts leaking out your nose only you don’t care because life is just SO horrible and looking disgusting doesn’t even matter anymore.

Then there was a weird smell and I had turned on the wrong burner and burnt leftovers into the bottom of a sauce pan. That made me cry ever HARDER and I started choking on my own phlegm and thought I would throw up.

Then Matthew tried piecing together all the itsy bitsy fragments of the lid for me and I cried doubly as hard because he was being so sweet while I was acting like a crazy person crying over a broken cup and burnt food.

I finally settled down, made Tulsi tea instead of jasmine, and finished my little pity party while Matthew stroked my head and said everything would be ok.

To make everything better I watched The Office and nearly made myself sick on chocolate chip cookies. I’m also listening to a new artist I just discovered and good music always helps (FYI: Kaskade – you can listen to them on grooveshark)

Now we’re watching Animal Planet and I’m ready to get on some PJ’s.

And that’s been my day. Nothing terribly interesting but I felt like writing tonight. Good job if you made it through the whole post.

P.S. I would like my family to know I’m not going crazy, I’m just hormonal.