Post-processing and cropping can totally change the feel and focus of a photograph.

Last week Matthew and I tagged along to New Smyrna beach with my mom and little cousin Gator and (as always) I took a few photos of our visit there.

Sometimes I know exactly how I want a photo to look, other times I edit a photo five (or more) completely different ways before I decide which look just “clicks”. I thought it might be interesting to show how different the same photo can look when treated differently.

For the first version I did not crop the photo at all (which is normally how I leave things. I always try to frame the photo how I want it IN camera while shooting) and applied a pinkish sepia treatment,

I used a square crop for this second version, left the color, but applied a faded vintage treatment.

I used basically the same treatment for these other two photos.



So there you go. Just a look into how I like to play with photos and how a simple change in editing can make all the difference. Which one do you like more?