Over the past few weeks I’ve been deep cleaning, redecorating, and generally improving every area of our apartment. I plan to have a giant post with tons of photos once it’s all completed but I’m so excited about all the changes I have to show something now.

I really can’t believe it’s already been a year and a half since we moved in. I posted pictures of what the place looked like empty before we moved in and made sure to complain about the horrible bathroom walls.

Sponge painting on EVERYTHING in nausea inducing shades of pastel green, rosy-pink, and lavender (whoever did it even painted over the AC vent, wall fixtures, and sloppily got it onto tiles around the window).

So, 17 months later, and armed with a free quart of Leather Brown paint from the Glidden giveaway last year, I was finally able to do something about those horrid walls.


(Changed the mirror, took down the useless towel holders, and still working on the artwork to hang above the toilet)

It’s so much cozier and cleaner feeling now. I think I actually try to pee more often just so I can sit and enjoy the room!

Artwork purchased from Lynette May five years ago and it’s finally framed and displayed! (Click here to View Larger)

Vintage cigar box and old tin box from an estate sale in Winter Park a few years ago (you know, to hold ~feminine items~)

A large match box (custom decorated by my mom for after I was married and became a Katauskas) sitting on the mirror shelf. I love this IKEA mirror that was only $25

A few votive candles also sitting on the mirror shelf. I was trying to show how nice they are lit but they were burned down so far they kept going out…so here’s some smoke

There’s no medicine cabinet but we have two small glass shelves for all our bathroom items. I cleared the junk off the bottom shelf and now use it only for a piece of framed art and two jars (from my Gram!) filled with cotton balls and q-tips

A small hand made paper note card by a local artist that I put in a Dollar Store frame. In case it’s difficult to read, the text next to the photo says “Many a girl is looking for an older man with a strong will – made out to her”

And here are a few wide angle shots to get a slightly better (yet fuzzy) view

And lastly, an animated .gif to show before and after again.

And that concludes the sneak peak ๐Ÿ™‚