Chocolate Banana Crepes

This was my very first time making crepes. I’ve heard they can be difficult to pull off but I was surprised that they turned out to be pretty easy!

I was craving something sweet and I had some WAY ripe bananas. I’m tired of the old stand-by for them – banana bread. After googling “bananas” and “cocoa powder” I found this recipe and it is a definite keeper. It took less than ten minutes and I only made slight changes by adding a whole egg instead of just the yolk, a bit more butter to the chocolate sauce, and then plated it with some drizzled Hershey’s syrup and sprinkled powdered sugar.

<em)(Makes 4 crepes)

Chocolate Sauce:
1 1/2 TBS butter
1 TBS whole milk
2 tsp Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
1 TBS cocoa powder (I use Hershey’s Special Dark)
2 TBS powdered sugar

Melt butter in a saucepan over low heat then stir in milk and hazelnut liqueur. Next add the cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Let sit on very low heat to keep warm.

1/2 C whole milk
1 1/2 TBS butter, melted
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
1 TBS cocoa powder
2 TBS powdered sugar
1/3 C all-purpose flour

2 very ripe bananas, sliced

To make the batter get a medium bowl and stir together milk, melted butter, egg, vanilla, and hazelnut liqueur. Whisk in the cocoa powder until completely incorporated, then the powdered sugar, and lastly, whisk in the flour.

Melt just a tad of butter in a medium size cast iron skillet (or spray a non-stick frying pan or crepe pan with cooking spray – but seriously, cast iron is THE BEST) and heat over medium heat. Pour about 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan and carefully swirl around in the pan to form a very thin disk. Cook for about 2 minutes then use a spatula to flip and cook about 1 minute more.

Place the crepe on a plate and add about 1/2 of a sliced banana to the crepe. Spoon on 1/4 of the chocolate sauce, fold crepe closed with the seam side down, then drizzle with Hershey’s syrup (optional) and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Repeat the process for each crepe and serve warm.

Chocolate Banana Crepes

Chocolate Banana Crepes

Chocolate Banana Crepes