I started the day REALLY motivated to do some long overdue deep cleaning in the apartment. Two hours and three dumped-upside down rooms later and I’m sitting on the bed in a daze feeling totally overwhelmed.

At least I completed getting all the window ledges dusted.

One of the other (many) house projects I started today was getting out some of the art I’ve purchased that has been sitting in it’s packaging for several years because I’ve never bought frames for it all. Everything is getting measured and I’m making a list of sizes so I can keep an eye out at thrift stores and such and finally get them on the walls.

A few pieces I still love (and are still sitting in their packaging) are these paintings from Lynette May.

This one is an interpretation of one of Klimt’s paintings and I’ve planned to hang it in the bathroom once the walls are painted…one day. Maybe it will hang in the living room until then…

The painting was shipped rolled up in a cardboard tube that had a staple in the side (that I didn’t see) so when it arrived and I pulled the painting out, the sharp staple ends scored the paper terribly:

Here is another of Lynette’s pieces to frame. This photo (that is really really old) really doesn’t show all the detail and texture but it’s great in person. Love the red.

Here’s a closer detail shot I snapped today

P.S. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since our [7] dinner with Janessa, Brook, Tisse, and Anna! We made vegetable panang curry and coconut sticky rice with mango (recipe post for that coming VERY soon). Here are a few photos of the lovely ladies:

(Brook, Tisse, and Anna)

(Janessa and Brook)

(Tisse and Anna)