Matthew and I went to the Aveda Institute armed with coupons and got ourselves some free haircuts this past Tuesday.

All the stylists are students and I scheduled an appointment with “a master”, which means a more advanced student. I ended up with Theresa and she did quite an excellent job, though I think I shocked her a just a tad when telling her I hadn’t been to a salon in at least six years, I never use any hair products whatsoever (unless jojoba oil counts) and I own neither a hair dryer or a tube of lipstick (How am I my mother’s daughter??).

This was the hair photo I brought in to (somewhat) replicate. I basically wanted some swoopy type bangs and layers:

Oh, and I took photos the entire time. Because that’s what I do.

This is before she got started with the head and shoulder massage. Was not expecting that. I actually squealed a little when she massaged my ears.

After that she washed my hair with…Smooth Fusion? I loved it. My hair was super soft for three days. She seemed really surprised when I asked if my breath was ok as she leaned over me to shampoo and condition. This made me concerned that other people might not be aware of offending others with bad breathe. Maybe my awareness comes from a lifetime of loving garlic and onions.

This is me slouching down into my chair as much as humanly possible because, even on her tippy toes, Theresa could not reach the ends of my hair.

I call this my Queen Amidala hair.

Almooooossst done

Ta-da! A quick snapshot after throwing on some eye makeup and before the sun went down (because I knew I would never get my hair to look like this again myself).

I’ll have to post photos of Matthew’s cut later, along with photos from that night’s [7] vegan Thai dinner. Major YUM.