Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 24 hours, you’ve mostly likely heard all about the Sea World fiasco. It took over the news stations here in Orlando for hours and I admit, I was glued to the tv. Mainly because I have a friend/acquaintance that is one of the female whale trainers and for a few hours I had no idea if she was the woman killed.

Thankfully, she is alright. Sadly, a life was still lost and it turned out to be her friend and fellow trainer, Dawn Brancheau.

Late last night I remembered I have an entire folder of Sea World photos on my desktop from my visit last year. I went through them all and then picked out a few of my favorites to share (though I don’t believe any of these are of Dawn).

Whether or not you agree with having whales in captivity, you have to admit, they are magnificent creatures to behold.