Tuesday night I went to Thai House and met up with our newly formed artist group [7] for the second time.

Two new artists joined us which brings our numbers up to six! FYI: the group isn’t intentionally women-only, it’s just how it’s happened and we’ve agreed to let it grow organically (it is a RAD group of just-ladies so far, though!).

I’ve always done my work and selling online and have nearly zero marketing skills and zero experience in the “art scene” so I sometimes feel a bit lost and overwhelmed as names, locations, and events are tossed around in conversation, but each of these women have been so helpful, welcoming and encouraging as they share their knowledge and resources. I couldn’t help but have a great time and the night flew by faster than I could have imagined.

About an hour after getting home I sort of sat back and realized “Woah…that was a table full of awesome.” and I thought I’d give a little introduction to each of the members since I have a feeling their names will be popping up in future entries πŸ™‚

New member #1 is Janessa Gursky, Creative Director at Evolve Design Group (http://www.evolvetoday.com. Amazingly energetic, fun, and full of encouragement (and has AWESOME hair).

(Janessa throwing up the [7] “gang sign”. Photo by Anna McCambridge)

New member #2 is Brook Pifer (http://www.brookpifer.com and http://blog.brookpifer.com), a celebrity photographer based in New York and Orlando. She’s totally down to earth, has a great sense of humor, and does fantastic voices while telling a story.

(Anna McCambridge on the left, Brooke Pifer on the right)

Anna McCambridge (http://annamccambridge.com/Anna_McCambridge_Fine_Art.html) is the Visual Fringe Producer and is constantly positive, wonderfully silly, and the very definition of “sweet”.

Amber Mundinger (http://downtownorlando.com/blogs/ambermundinger) is Marketing and Special Events Coordinator at Orlando Downtown Development Board. She couldn’t make it to this meeting but she is very awesome as well and I didn’t want to leave her out, so this is her photo from our meeting last month πŸ™‚

Photo by Anna McCambridge

Tisse Mallon (http://www.tisseart.com) is a photographer and the mastermind genius that put this group together. She’s friendly, funny, always excited about making things happen, and the most fabulously organized person I have ever met.

(Me on the left, Tisse on the right. Photo by Anna McCambridge)

So watch out Orlando, and watch out WORLD! [7] is on the move and big things will happen.

P.S. I joined the masses. Ask me anything – http://www.formspring.me/megankatauskas