Fried potatoes. That is what my dreams are made of.

My friend Keith took me to New York for just 3 days in 2006, but that was plenty of time to fall in love with my very own french fry heaven – Pomme Frites.

Pommes Frites, NY
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It’s a tiny little shop at 123 2nd Ave and the inside is a bit like a narrow alleyway; kitchen on the left, small bar on the right, and a few tables shoved in the back.

The frites come in three different size paper cones – huge, monstrous, and gargantuan (actually regular, large, and double). The regular ($4) is plenty enough to stuff yourself, the large ($6.25) can easily feed two, and you’d need a herd of friends to help you with the double ($7.50).

I’ve spent hours upon hours craving these fried little beauties, and what makes them so unbelievabley good (aside from being fried twice) is the amazing array of dipping sauces to choose from. There are flavors for every palate; roasted garlic, Vietnamese pineapple, dill lemon, peanut satay, parmesan peppercorn…the list goes on and on. My personal favorite, from the few I sampled, was definitely the Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo.
Holy. Tasty. Goodness. Batman.

And that is what I dream about – seriously. Out of all the places I visited, and all of the eating I jam packed into those three days in New York, I daydream weekly about those french fries.

Pomme Frites: Out of this world greasy perfection.

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