I decided to attempt a 3 tier petit fours cake. Sounded fabulous in my head (and inspired by that awesome cake pan I wrote about), but the execution of the idea left something to be desired.

First, I used my recipe for Almond Pound Cake,


I cut the cake into 1″ slices, then used 3 different shaped cookie cutters for the different tiers.


All of this would have been fine if I had just gotten the icing right.

I figured “Hey, who really needs to put corn syrup in petit fours icing?” (both because i hate corn syrup, and…I was out). So I made a simple icing from water, sugar, cream of tartar, and almond extract.

I didn’t boil it long enough though and it turned gloppy and thick, then runny and too thin…it was horrible.


So there you go. It could have been awesome. But it wasn’t.

Make the Almond Pound Cake and leave it be, or find a decent icing recipe and STICK to it (I think I’ll go with this recipe from Land O’ Lakes or this one from pastrywiz.com next time).

The End 🙂