I’m currently writing a monster of a blog post that may or may not be posted this evening. In case I don’t get it finished, I at least had to post a few things about today.

– We made the decision last week and as of this morning, Matthew is free from the evil clutches of his retail job! I won’t get into the gritty details, just know that he is getting away from a very shady environment and this is a very positive move forward. We’re really excited about all the new possibilities, and hey – if anyone knows of someone looking to hire a really nice, honest, and hard working fellow, let me know! meg.kat.art@gmail.com

– We stopped by Seven Sisters, said “hi” to Alisha, Suzanna, and Julie, had some great coffee, and I looked around again at the work by Dawn Schreiner on display (go friend her on Facebook at Dawn Schreiner Illustration and on Twitter at @DawnS!). I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this:

I’m totally infatuated with food art lately and this would look perfect in a little frame in our kitchen. I would love to buy it and support another artist, but for now I’ll just have to gaze at the photo on my blog πŸ™‚

– Next we spent a few hours at Leu Gardens (free from 9am-5pm every first Monday of the month!). I was so giddy to take some new photos and Matthew – the most patient man in the world – carried my bag, helped change my lenses, and stood around reading the map while I spent 10 minutes on every plant. I’ll be working on the photos later today πŸ™‚

This is one of my favorites so far:

beneath the palms
(Available here as a print in my shop – Beneath the Palms 8×10)

– Got a call while at the gardens from my sick yet recuperating mother to come over and make Pad Kaprow for the third day in a row for her. No qualms here! I could eat it every single day, I really could. So I must go and cook now. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!