I received an email from my friend Matt yesterday morning that had me laughing so hard I cried – mainly because I don’t even remember what I had written to him over three years ago. I thought I would share it here.

(from Matt to me)

Just thought you’d like to read an old dream you had. 🙂 I’m sifting through old emails and re-reading the entertaining ones. 🙂

(my email to him)


i woke up laughing this morning and this is why:

i dreamt last night that me, matthew fox, you, and scarlet johansson
were spies(!) for some government organization. we had infiltrated the
command center of the “bad guys” and were searching through files
(some even had MY name on them?) when we were found out. it was in the
future and the setting was sort like The Fifth Element mixed with
Minority Report.

since we were discovered we all split up and tried to blend in with
everyone else in order to reach the exits. i got outside and found
some flying scooter thing and took off looking for matthew fox. i
couldn’t find him but you were like, stumbling around on the ground so
you hopped on the scooter. at some point i looked behind me and you
had fallen off. i eventually found you but you were really mad at me
(i guess for going too fast and causing you to fall off?), then i got
pissed at you and we went our seperate ways.

next thing i remember the four of us were back at our “safe house” and
we ran into someone who was apparently scarlet johanssons
ex-husband…only he was this big fat fuzzy weasel-rodent thing…i
don’t even know how to describe him. well, he kind of looked like an
inflated rat. oh, plus he was sitting in an enormous vat of something,
bobbing up and down and singing. ???

also, there were lakes everywhere that were infested with alligators.
if we flew over them too closely then the gators jumped up and ate us.
at some point i had to go over one though because i was instructed by
someone to go into the forrest across the lake so i could find and dig
up some legos.

and that’s all i remember. it’s the most detailed dream i’ve been able
to remember in quite awhile and i found it too entertaining not to

the end.

I knew one day the government would want me for my lego building skills.