1. Drawing for my Facebook Fan Page members.

2. Two winners.

One will be emailed a $10 $20 gift certificate to meganlee.etsy.com:

And one will be emailed a coupon for Buy One Print Get One Free.

3. All you have to do is become a member of my Facebook Fanpage Meg Kat Photography & Art and comment on this post to let me know (if you’re already a member you still need to comment here).

That’s it! Winner will be announced January 6, 2010.

Benefits to being a fan member: Keep up to date with all my new work PLUS automatically be entered in spontaneous drawings when I’ll pick a random member to win:

1) More (and larger) gift certificates
2) Free Prints/artwork
3) Anything else my little heart desires

P.S. Please be in awe of the dotted lines around the coupon. It took my poor clueless brain nearly an hour to find a tutorial and learn the process in Photoshop. Now I have the wicked skillz.