Every year since I was little, I’ve made a Christmas list for my mom of everything my little heart desires (even if there’s little chance I’ll ever get some of those items). At her insistence, I am sharing that list with you this year.

1. Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower. $15 at Target (and it had been on sale for $10!)

I love crayons. They will never not be cool. The only thing cooler than crayons is a TELESCOPING TOWER of 150 of them.

2. Seven Sister’s Big Dipper Coffee Pass (allows for one month of unlimited brewed coffee anytime of the day). $25

Because our money is so tight, Matthew and I haven’t been to Seven Sisters in about 3 months (I know!) and I miss their coffee, treats, and company dearly. This coffee card (or a gift certificate) would be a dream.

3. The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity $20.47

Does this need an explanation besides “Because it’s awesome”?

Aroma ADF-212 Smart Fry XL Digital Dual Basket Deep Fryer $69.99

Don’t judge me for wanting a deep fryer! I promise, it would not be used on a daily (or even weekly) bases, but I have so many ideas on how to use this. I can safely say though, I would not go down the Paula Dean road and start deep frying my bacon. Never. Ever.

5. Canon Speedlite 580EX and PocketWizard $560.95 total

As long as we’re dreaming…
I love shooting with only natural light, but it would be fun to experiment with lighting.

6. Blick Gift (or E-Gift) Card $5-$500

I’ve been getting 99% of my art supplies from dickblick.com for years. They have just about everything you could want or think of, great prices, and free shipping on orders over $50.

7. Netflix Subscription $8.99-$16.99/month

Another luxury cut from the budget quite awhile ago. I loved loved LOVED Netflix, though. Matthew and I are both major movie nerds and this is one sure thing from this list we’ll eventually have.

8. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter $79/per ticket

I have been anticipating the opening of this Universal theme park for YEARS. Both Matthew and I are happily obsessed with all things Harry Potter, and while I can’t imagine any park could live up to my day dreams, how cool would it be to walk through:

-Three Broomsticks


I love all things steampunk and all things food related. This necklace is perfection!

10. A trip to Japan! $$$$

I think my curiosity with Japan began when I started watching Miyazaki anime. There’s something I find completely fascinating about Japan. I’m going to try to learn some Japanese using livemocha.com in preparation for the day we get to visit.