Here are five food blogs I consider to be some of the best places for recipes, photography, and all around charm. I know there are plenty of massively popular food sites not listed here (David Lebovitz, Matt Bites, Pioneer Woman Cooks, etc), but that’s because I want to shed just a little more light on a few blogs that I believe deserve some more attention.

Hope you enjoy these tasty finds!

1. Feasting on Art

This blog is unlike any other recipe blog I’ve found.

She combines art, photography, and food. My three favorite things. And her name is Megan. Is it any wonder this is a favorite?

She starts with a painting:

Piet Mondrian, Composition No. 8, 1939-42
Oil on canvas, 74 x 68 cm, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

Then creates photographs and a recipe based off of that painting:

Pure awesomeness. Check out her archive of recipes and be blown away by her photography skills and creativeness.

2. Tartelette

If you want amazing recipes with breathtaking photogography, this is the blog for you.

Recommended to me by @partridge on Twitter, this food blog is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Here are some of her photos from her recipe for Double Chocolate and Pear Cakes.

3. Food Beam

Fanny from the French Riviera shares a multitude of amazing looking recipes. I dare you to look at her photos and not drool a little.

Beautiful photography, classic french recipes, and all around fun and inspiring to read.

These are photos from her post on Charlotte aux framboises et au fromage blanc.

4. Honey & Jam

I just discovered this food blog last week and it has become an instant favorite. Hannah creates photos that have such a gentle and rustic beauty, every time I view them I feel like I’ve just sat in a hot bath, put on clean pajamas, and settled on the front porch with a hot cup of tea.

Here’s a photo from her lovely recipe for Banana Bread Yeasted Waffles and a few other gorgeous shots.

(You can even purchase some of her photos in her Etsy shop at

5. Sugarcrafter

Tracy’s food blog is bright, friendly, and updated almost every day. Her recipes are the kind of dishes you could make everyday with ingredients you already have on hand.

This is definitely the place to look when it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and you want to bake something but you’re not quite sure what to make. Sugarcrafter will have the answer.

Cinnamon-Raisin and Ginger-Cranberry Bagels

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter Sauce

Classic Napoleons

And that concludes my list. If you have a favorite food blog that’s not listed here, let me know about it in the comments!