Sorry for the lack of posting. I feel so lame for not blogging anything since Saturday. Truth be told, I’m just still in a non-blogging mood. I have this fear that all the followers I’ve gained recently will become bored and leave but my want (need?) for a small break has outweighed that fear.

I actually have many many ideas and recipes brewing in my head, but I feel like I need this bit of a rest to gain my strength before busting out the energy to make these ideas a reality.

1. I am seriously working on my first self-published cookbook. I had grand ideas of making a 55 recipe masterpiece, but the costs per page vs. cost to you would be too much, so I’m narrowing it down to 25 amazing recipes. 10 will be already-published favorites and 15 will be brand spanking new delicious creations. Cost – $24.99 plus shipping. That’s only $1 per recipe, folks!

2. I am determined to get my butt back into my little studio to get some paintings done (some of my older works: While I’ve done commissioned pieces, I’ve gone over a year since painting something I wanted to paint. My first few paintings will most likely be ones geared mainly to sell, because honestly, I really need the money. Look out for more Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, and some new/popular subjects like characters from Harry Potter, Twilight, and Star Trek (geek fest-love it!)

3. I really want to work on doing some more portraiture photography. My talented friend and photographer, Matthew Priestley over at (join his Facebook fan age here: Sevenbright Photography), has been producing loads of amazing work, and while it’s a different (and awesome) style than what I like to do, it’s inspiring me to get back to working more with faces as opposed to macros and landscapes.

So that’s it for now. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite never-before-posted portrait photos from my first wedding shoot back in March: