I’ve been enjoying our first day back at our apartment after 4 weeks of house sitting at my parents place. About 10 minutes ago I remembered I needed to post something today and I’m managing to pick up someones wifi for a few minutes to do it…SO

Soon you’ll be seeing:

The BEST Beef Chili (simple, but the best)

Vegetarian Sausage & Cheese Mini Biscuits

Pound Cake Petit Fours

White Sandwich Bread (sounds boring, but everyone needs it and I’m sick of paying $2-$3 for one loaf so it’s time to try a homemade version)

Something with coconut flour

Baked Samosas with Tamarind Dipping Sauce (reeaaalllyy looking forward to eating those)

Bubble Tea (including home made flavorings)

And here’s a favorite from today’s Post Secrets: