I keep putting off blogging today because I’m working on a few somewhat involved future blog posts, plus recipe finding, plus…I’ve been sucked into True Blood.

I’ve been hearing things about it for awhile but it’s on HBO and I’ve never gotten that channel. Anyway, last week out of the blue, I decided to download some episodes to watch with Matthew (FYI – this link is gold watch True Blood online).

We have since watched every episode up to the Season 2 finale which we’re saving for tonight after he gets off work. It is crazy and weird and funny, and WE HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD SHOW THAT MUCH SKIN ON TV. The language surprised us too, but mainly the multitude of naked and semi-naked bodies.

So if you’re easily offended, skip the show, but if you’re into crazy vampire stories, you’ll probably like it.

The story line is really interesting and I’m enjoying all the character development. Despite almost every character making bad choices and acting scummy, you still can’t hate them. In fact, you still really like them. It’s weird, but fun.

Oh, I also have found a bunch of old photos that I’m playing with. Here are some random ones I’ve edited:

A house near where we used to live that I fell in love with. It always reminded me of an old movie
View it larger – http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2645/4048164838_09d46482c8_o.jpg

from my birthday road trip last year

a friends couch back in 2006

from our trip to the zoo last November