The other night was pretty scary. Matthew came inside from chatting outdoors on his cell phone and couldn’t breath or talk.

His lungs were closing shut and I thought I was going to have to call 911 and spend the night in the ER. Since it seemed to be an allergic reaction to something I quickly gave him Apis Mellifica and within 5 minutes he was almost completely back to normal (thank you, homeopathy).

After asking him a few questions I found out he had been standing in the front yard when the county pest control truck drove by (TWICE) while spraying it’s chemical mist all over the place.

He drew me this diagram for visual reference:

I believe those are supposed to be hoses covering the vehicle with a hose on the top and rear spraying the bug killer chemicals.

Stick figure Matthew: “Ahhh! Death bus! Run baby(heart)*, lookout!”

Death Bus: “I have no lungs and cannot be hurt! Death to all!!”

Stick figure Megan: “I won’t leave you with the death bus baby(fish)*!”

*babyheart and babyfish are sappy nicknames we have for each other

In happier news, Matthew has planted a little herb garden on the kitchen windowsill.

Matthew's windowsill herb garden

They’re growing so quickly!



Marjoram & Parsley

And I’m sorry for no recipes so far this week! I’ve been busy working on some recipes that may go into the cookbook.

Possibly these:

and more to come πŸ™‚