I hadn’t planned on posting anything like this AT ALL today, but last night I discovered something.

I was looking online at the National Sex Offender Registry just to see how many were registered in certain areas nearby.

They have a little map of symbols to help you out and it looks like this:

So, while searching the Winter Park area, this catches my eye:

Now, I’m not very knowledgeable about all the different laws concerning sex offenders, but I know there is one about how close a registered offender can live near a school.

And according to the little map guide, that white box is a “school/park/etc” right next to a red box that is an “offender home” of someone convicted of an offense against children.

Um. That looks a wee bit close to me.

So I decided to dig a little deeper.

First, I looked up the particular law I was wondering about:

(what’s ironic is that I found this paragraph in an article titled “Florida’s Draconian Sex Offender Residency Rules” on http://knowledgebase.findlaw.com/kb/2009/Jul/32470.html and the author claims ‘Florida’s Ban Goes Too Far’.)

Now here is the information about the school, the offender, and how close the offender lives:

You read that correctly. A registered sex offender convicted of a lewd lascivious act against a child lives only 116 feet away from a preschool.

In fact, when I looked up a satellite image it became clear that the offenders backyard actually backs up right against the parking lot of the church where this preschool is held.

Is this allowed or overlooked because it’s officially a church and not strictly a school? Is this simply something that nobody realized??

How on earth is a sex offender next door to a preschool?