My weekend mission to scour the internet searching for the best places for you to waste your precious Saturday hours as you relish doing absolutely nothing productive.

(Pass along any sites you’re convinced are totally awesome and I may feature them in future posts)

1. – Exactly what it says it is. Pages and pages of cuteness to put a smile on your face.

2. (contains some mature content)- Etsy items so odd you just can’t believe they were actually made….and sold.

3. – A giant virtual refrigerator front full of virtual magnetic letters. Both addictive and frustrating. Sometime people are nice, spell out their names, and have short conversations. Other times you get idiots that pile all the letters in the middle of the screen or spell out nothing but insults.

If you’re lucky, a kind soul will help you disassemble every swear word that’s trying to be written, and with combined effort, you can make something like this: