1. There’s a new poll up on the left hand side. Take it!

Here are the results from the last poll:

Looks like I’ll be keeping this look for now (whew).

2. I’m unreasonably excited about going grocery shopping at Super Target in about an hour. I love making grocery lists, going through aisle after aisle at my own pace, writing down the price of each item I pick up, and tallying everything to make sure it’s in the budget. Ahh, it’s those sweet little victories I love.

3. I will (hopefully) have a pretty project to show you next week. It involves soft colors, dainty things, CANDY, and cupcakes. I kind of just gave it all away so I’ll come right out and say I’m planning a cupcake photoshoot next week for a series of food portraits I’ll be printing and putting in my shop. Hopefully I can pick up most of what I need at the store today 🙂

4. Great fantastic news for me: I just received my Amazon gift card from Baryhte for being chosen as a runner up in their recipe contest. Now comes the hard part – choosing what to buy! Take a peek at my Amazon Wishlist if you want to give me your two cents on the matter.

5. I WILL have recipes soon. I’ve been totally cleaning out the apartment this past week and dirty dishes are scattered across the kitchen making it nearly impossible for me to have the motivation to cook, let alone BLOG what I am making.

But soon. Promise.