This evening I’m thinking:

– Earl Grey tea smells exactly like fruit loops

– the Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea at church was almost too perfumey to drink

– I don’t think I like Earl Grey very much any more

– that I love rainy afternoons snuggled in the apartment with Matthew and getting sucked into watching an America’s Next Top Model marathon.

– how have we been sucked into the Predator Raw marathon? The show (about catching computer predators seeking out underage boys and girls) has turned into a guilty pleasure over the past few months. We check for episodes every Sunday on MSNBC and shriek over the disturbing people that exist in the world and make fun of the stupid excuses they invent.

– I’m loving the excellent (and less disturbing) show, Being Erica (It’s on Watch it.)

– I like how I rearranged the bedroom furniture today. Now I want to paint the bathroom.

– I want to document another A Day In My Life (my last one:

– I am going to post this before midnight so I can keep up my streak of at least 1 blog post a day.