***Note for my new readers: Recipes and my own photography will be posted soon. I’m just taking a very short break to work on some other projects.***

So, this is how I spent 5 hours of my Friday night. I’m such a party animal.

Houston’s Landing – Trimble County, KY Circa 1900

This is another photo my dad emailed me from his trip to Kentucky. I didn’t realize what a MASSIVE file it was until I was finished. The original photo is 5×8 inches and scanned at over 9600 pixels wide and 12500 dpi. :O!

I worked on it layer by layer, saving it each time I finished another step, and it took a full 2 minutes just for the file to be processed. Whew.

The amount of detail is really phenomenal considering the wear and tear it’s had over the years, but I still can’t tell if the kid in the front is petting a dog or a goat…

(ignore the fact that I forgot to get rid of a few spots and one dude no longer has a hand)

My process was similar to last time:

– Converted to b&w with Gradient Map

– Used the Lasso tool to Free Transform and bring the two halves of the photo closer together

– Adjusted levels, exposure, and curves.

– Clone tool like cuh-razy (as in several hours going over every wooden board on the building, then every face, body, shingle, etc)

And that was basically it…or at least everything I can remember. It was about 4am when I finished.

I’m really happy with the outcome though. I wasn’t sure how far I would be able to get because of the extent of the damage, but overall quite a success I think 🙂