For the past few days Matthew and I have been staying at my parents house because, well…it’s just something we like to do every now and then.

Mom has pneumonia (it seriously sounds like someone’s hiding in her lungs crumpling up butcher paper), so while she lays around resting I’ve been making us a myriad of soups.

First was Soup for Sick People, then Pho Ga two days in a row, and now I’m making her recipe for Beef Stew which officially kicks off the autumn season (in my head, at least). I’m debating sharing the recipe online because it’s really one I wanted to save for the cookbook, but I just might break down and spill the beans….we shall see.

Besides a little cooking, I’ve basically just been keeping mom company and watching every season of How I met Your Mother back to back (I don’t know how I never watched it before. It’s basically one of my favorite things ever now).

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My last poll question I posted two weeks ago was What do you want to win in the next giveaway? and I was really surprised with the results:

Once my current Saucy Mama giveaway is over with I’ll put together a new contest for something yummy from my kitchen to be sent out to one of you readers!

Stick around for the fun 🙂