We are now some of the only people left living in our building. We live on the second floor of a four-plex and the only other person here is a very quiet woman on the opposite side of the building on the ground floor.

It’s eerily quiet here now and there’s never anyone outside. Matthew is taking advantage of this by hanging out naked on the screened back porch, simply because he can.

Speaking of my lovable husband, I will be having some vlogs of him posted in the near future. I was checking out my youtube account the other day and realized it’s been three months since I posted a new video! That needs to be fixed soon.

Oh, and by the way, for anyone that watches the show “How I Met Your Mother”, Marshsall is basically an exact clone of Matthew. Right down the the facial expressions, humor, and all around goofiness. It’s almost a little freaky how similar the character is to Matthew….maybe someone has been spying on us….

Anyway, until I have something new, check our some past vlogs: