This is the first edition of what will likely become a weekly post. My new weekend mission will be to scour the internet searching for the best places for you to waste your precious Saturday hours as you relish doing absolutely nothing productive.

(Pass along any sites you’re convinced are totally awesome and I may feature them in future posts)

1. Flood-it. Three different board options; small, medium, large. The easiest one gives you 25 moves to flood the board with one color. Don’t worry, you’ll pick it up fast, and it’s totally addictive.

2. Find your celebrity look-alikes and fill your head with delusional thoughts of being a hollywood beauty, or find yourself crushed by the comparison to looking like the opposite gender, or maybe even discover your sister is a doppelganger for Wesley Snipes (Sorry Jess, I had to. Here’s a link to results from a more recent photo – Mandy, Britney, Reese, or Sean?).

3. Oh No They Didn’t. All things celebrity gossip. Hate it, or love it, you’ll easily be sucked in.