Stuff stuff stuff!


Matthew and I just got back from viewing a duplex I found for rent right in our area (in fact, only 3 minutes from where we live now).

It is beautiful, well kept, great layout, painted pretty colors, HAS A DISHWASHER AND WASHER/DRYER, and a nice landlord that will live in the adjoining duplex (he currently lives in the one we viewed and will move over asap if this works out). In essence, it is pretty much as perfect as we could hope.

I wish there were more photos of it online but all I have is this shot of the kitchen:

Now, the good news and the slight problem.

Good news: Rent is free for the month of September, meaning we could move over within the next few days (as soon as the landlord moves his things over to the other duplex).

Slight problem: We would need to still pay the $1000 deposit now…and we just paid our rent for our current apartment. So, we somehow need to find $1000. Magically….somewhere.

If you wouldn’t mind praying and sending good thoughts our way about this, I’d sure appreciate it.


As some of you probably remember me complaining writing about, my MacBook hard drive crashed is June taking my Photoshop with it to the grave. I do not have the discs for it so when my MacBook was restored with a new hard drive, I had to suffice with a 30-day trial of Photoshop CS4.

Sadly, that trial version has expired and I do not have a serial number to keep using it. I also do NOT have the $600+ to buy the program. Until this problem is solved, I really don’t know what’s going to happen concerning posting photographs (except for when I visit my lovely mother who will let me use her laptop for CS2, yes? YES?).

This is kind of hard for a photographer to handle.

As usual though, I know things will work themselves out, but it’d sure be nice if they worked out now 🙂

I’ll keep you all posted!