I wanted to quickly post that I talked to Julie this morning and she agreed that…

***Anyone who mentions that Meg Kat sent you will get 10% off their order at Wild Woman Chocolate!!!!***

How awesome is that?

While I was there I picked up some amazingly delicious hazelnut truffles:


I also went in Seven Sisters and used the last of my gift certificate for a cup of coffee and their Wednesday “Buy one cupcake get one 1/2 off!” deal (cupcakes supplied by Blue Bird Bake Shop). MMMM!

Grasshopper – Chocolate cake with chocolate chips; Creme de menthe buttercream icing topped with shaved bittersweet chocolate.


Lime in d’ Coconut – Lime with toasted coconut cake; coconut buttercream icing rolled in toasted coconut

I swear they don’t pay me to talk about how tasty their goods are, I’m just enamored with them and want everyone to share in my joy. Give their shops a try and you’ll know what I’m talking about 🙂