Ryan, over at Pacing The Panic Room, posted a really great photo set (as always) from his backyard today.

He made a very nice tweet suggesting I should make a similar backyard series and I think I will do just that this week before Matthew and I move out of this apartment at the end of September (uh, did I mention we were leaving?).

For now though, I thought I’d put together a quick list of “top 10 shots” that I took in the backyard while living with my parents before getting married (and several shots from other places…sorry, I didn’t have 10 from just the yard).

These were all taken with my beloved 7.1 MP point & shoot – the Canon Powershot A620. It has an amazing built in macro function that made these shots possible. (although I would still love to get the Canon 60mm macro lens for my DSLR 🙂

In the front yard, an elephant ear after the rain
after the rain

In the backyard chilling on the Bird of Paradise
francis the fly

One of my all time favorite macro shots. I know it’s nothing original, but I loved the tones in the leaf and crispness to the droplets.

“Leonard the observant”. He was just a baby and only 3in from tip of the nose to end of his tail. He had a bit of an attitude and really wasn’t in the mood for modeling, but he finally succumbed to my nagging and allowed me to pose him on my knee (no, my legs aren’t gray and fuzzy, only my pj pants are)
Leonard the observant

Squash, the pet iguana in my in-law’s backyard

These two were actually taken while vising my sister while she was working at a camp in Leesburg, FL

Dylan the majestic
Dylan the majestic

Sylvia the diligent
Sylvia the dilgent

and these were at an outdoor park by the river in Madison, IN
shiny little life

the beetle

the green bee

And a new backyard set coming soon! Hopefully I’ll be able to find more than just roaches…

P.S. Totally off subject, but I just photographed/created a new banner for my mother’s uber cool craft blog, Oh So Crafty today. Check out her tutorials and make something funky!