I would like my blogger friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) to know how much your gift means to me. I am in my happy place right now, having coffee and a late breakfast (of cupcakes and almond bars!!) with my sweetheart at Seven Sisters all because of your generosity. Thank you!! 🙂

(still a little sleepy-eyed, but very happy)

The story: Last Saturday night I received an email from someone who reads my blog but that I don’t really know (I have found out we met once before but it’s fuzzy for me :).

She lives out of the country and had been playing phone tag with Alisha at Seven Sisters for awhile trying to set up something very special for me. I stopped by the coffee shop Sunday morning and there behind the counter was a $30 gift certificate just for me.

This has been such a shining little light it a very stressful week. Money is still very tight, we decided to not move downstairs and instead move out when our lease is up next month, and also, last weekend happened to mark exactly one year since my miscarriage (something I doubt anyone really knows/remembered and I don’t mind).

Side note: The amazing thing is, I didn’t remember it either because I was so caught up in this gift from a near-stranger that was totally unexpected. I even came across my pregnancy test, hospital bracelet (yes, I kept them), and note Matthew wrote me the morning after the hospital which was DATED with the same day I read it (only a year back of course) and it still didn’t click. Isn’t it great how God works things out? (Matthew finally reminded me right before midnight because he had been thinking about it for weeks but didn’t want to upset me)

So, thanks to this gift, I’ve been able to have coffee and tea visits all week, treat Matthew and Shirlee to some drinks, and just have a great place to escape to for a few hours when I didn’t want to be at home sans internet.

I also want to thank some other friends and family that have helped us out recently. So a big giant hug and thank you to:

Greg & Melissa for the Publix gift card
Renee for tea and a snack at Seven Sisters (before I got the gift card 🙂
Vicki who ALSO treated me to coffee, a little cash, and a big bag of groceries
Gram for the money to stock up our pantry (and I even had enough to buy an inexpensive tennis skirt, sports bra, and nike shorts!)
and all of you that have been praying and sending good thoughts our way 🙂