There’s a lot I’m thinking about lately.

– Figuring out our living situation. It’s a mess that needs to be sorted out ASAP.

– The recipe contest. I have at least two more recipes I want to do before the deadline at the end of the month.

– Finishing up some family portraits I was hired to do. I over-analyze and try to do too much and it slows me down.

– My next project: a painting! And not just any painting, but a gigantic 36x48in Harry Potter painting to hang on our wall. I. am. stoked.

– Future blog posts that are bouncing around in my head and need to get out, particularly one about the recent kindness of friends and family in my life.

– Writing up a piece on Wild Woman Chocolate where I did a photo shoot today. More will be posted later but here is a small preview:

Wild Woman Chocolate - Orlando, FL

Wild Woman Chocolate - Orlando, FL>

Wild Woman Chocolate - Orlando, FL

And now I need to go 🙂