A few months ago, Plaza Cinema Cafe, a brand new independent theater, opened up smack in the middle of downtown on Orange Ave and Pine St.

Here’s a few things about it:

– It’s on the second floor and it’s pretty to look at. That’s always nice.

– Matinees are only $4.75 and after 6pm it’s $9.50 (unless you have a Buy Local card and it’s still…$4.75!!)

– They have a full dinner menu – http://www.plazacinemacafe.com/menu.html. I’ve yet to try a meal but I can vouch that the popcorn is very satisfactory.

– They also have two full bars, with views overlooking Orange Ave.

– There’s a small art gallery with a series of photographs currently on display.

– The SEATS!! Oh, the seats. My favorite part. Cushy reclining leather chairs with double wide arm rests and sturdy cup holders. These are the only theater chairs I’ve been in that don’t cause me to shift and change position every 15 minutes. My only request would be to allow the arm rests to raise up for cuddling purposes.

– it’s only 5 minutes from our apartment (this is really only a plus for us….but who cares)

Now, I’m pretty much going to let these pictures speak for themselves.

P.S. You can also pretend it’s Gotham City.

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