Thursday was our second day of celebrating the birth of Matthew thirty years ago. My man is a major animal lover and has an especially strong fascination for anything ocean related (Shark Week on Discovery channel is a huge deal in this household).

The other week I mentioned going to the Tampa Aquarium for his birthday and from that moment on it was basically a done deal and he jumped around like a giddy little five year old anytime one of us mentioned the upcoming date.

I tried not to take many photos while we were there because I get crabby and mean really easily when rude pushy children, and even ruder, pushier parents, get in the way of one of my photos (because I’m the only one that should be allowed to stand in front of the tank for 5 mintues with no interruptions, ok??). So, I didn’t get the camerea out too often.

You know, that reason and because it’s reallykindasuperdifficult for me to get clean shots of fish zipping along through a murky tank behind foggy greasy-fingered glass.

My favorite shot of the day

Tampa Aquarium

the brightest shrimp in the world (according to me)

weird/cool fish the used it’s fins to walk across the bottom of the tank
Tampa Aquarium

Tampa Aquarium

Tampa Aquarium

Tampa Aquarium

first thing Matthew bought – unearthly fluorescent watermelon flavored dippin’ dots (astronaut ice cream). it was disgusting.

the absolute best part of the day was escaping from the loud children to the bar outside and talking about Obama’s insanity with Ted the bartender. Mango Coloda for me, Long Island for Matthew, and french fries on the house. Thanks Ted!

the birthday boy

the bar. our saving grace. right after we left the stroller brigade pulled up and seated a bunch of 3-5 year olds. at the bar. *sigh*

exact words coming out of his mouth: “Who’s eyes are THIS far apart???”

“Oh….it’s backwards.” Flipped it around….and right then the .25 paid time ran out.


And then we left and somehow took 2 hours to make the 40 min trip to my sisters house. But that’s a story for next time.

P.S. Sepia version, because I love it.

Tampa Aquarium