I got a call Tuesday morning from Rennee, a friend from our old neighborhood who I met at the age of four when she had a garage sale around the corner from our house. She gave me handfuls of shiny costume jewelry and always had a pantry full of Little Debbie snack cakes (unheard of in our beans, rice, and whole wheat household) and our families have been close friends ever since (and I can actually say I’ve known all three of her gorgeous daughters since they were born! It makes me feel old though).

She came over to pick me up for her first visit to Seven Sisters Coffee House and kindly treated me to a yummy iced Citrus Green tea and an apricot almond bar while we caught up on life happenings with her and two of her daughters, Olivia and Eva.

Of course I had my camera.

Eva checking out the play room

This her her telling me with her heart shaped hands that her older sister Sara is in loooooooove

beautiful Renee

Loved Olivia’s outfit and accessories!

can you tell these girls are sisters? 🙂

After our visit they dropped me off at home and I piddled around a bit before finally starting on making Matthew’s disastrous looking birthday cake which, FYI, tastes AMAZING. I’ll try and take a more decent picture so I can post the recipe soon.